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VIP Shiba

In it's history Shiba has never had VIP members. Why Not? The Binance Smart chain is becoming a very difficult place to navigate, and as soon as you hear about a project it's already spiked and poof there goes your chance. 
Whoops!!! Somebody grabbed that 6 figure cat NFT 10 minutes after you saw it and was trying to move your crypto over sheesh I'm sorry about that.
What if you had exclusive access too the hottest projects, games and NFTs. A Community that REALLY GIVES BACK BECAUSE ITS ACTUALLY RAN BY THE F#-&$7G COMMUNITY (They know who we are talking about) 

Welcome to VIP Shiba!

VIP Shiba is the first ever Branded decentralized cryptocurrency token that has it's own Ecoverse on the binance smart chain network. VIP Shiba's use case has always revolved around stability, longevity, and overall integrity.

We think our strengths are our transparency & and the fact that we are thinking in the long term vs clamoring for a quick turnaround like most other projects. And of course, as a VIP Shiba holder, you are basically paid to hold the token.

VIP Shiba is the ultimate reward based token, providing the best in cutting edge coding. We have created a token that rewards like never before. You get a 6% reward for each sell transaction. A hyper-deflationary token with an automatic distribution of rewards. VIPSH and it's branded projects provide a unique, new and exciting way to safely invest your finances.


Seize the moment and BUY now VIPSH!


If you sell, you will lose money!


Place yourself among the top 500 holders to be in the runnings for any and all VIP airdrops.


Share us a love and suggest to other people about us


Do nothing and earn money. 6% Reward for staking guarantee


If you sell your VIPSH, another holders will win and you will lose!


If you already sold your VIPSH, you will be broken because you will grow up fast!


You made profit? Run with the money or reinvest in other projects we have available. There are so many opportunities to reach your goals 

VIP Shiba is run by the community. We have inevitable intentions to renounce any and all Ownership and marketing wallets will be used based on voting from the community. We launched this token STEALTH in Dec of 2021 from $100! Early holders and committed members of the community pool our $VIPSH and other branded project rewards together to continually fund marketing initiatives.

Is $VIPSH safe?

Yes. We've put forth a lot of effort & money to demonstrate transparency and honesty with respect to VIP Shiba's ownership and contract.

In short; the community owns the project. VIP Shiba intends to have no dev and marketing wallets which voting will decide how we spend. The contract will be fully renounced (transferring to a dead address). We are seeking to be fully audited. The LP is locked and on Mudra will simply be locked again.

Learn More at our telegram group

The Ever Branded Ecoverse

VIP Shiba Lifestyle is going to be the ultimate lifestyle to live in the cryptospace

Welcome to the VIP life. A hyper deflationary token that works for you. Our vision is simple make legit projects with transparency and change lives. Your investment will always be valuable because of your exclusive access!

First of all lets start with the basics:

What is cryptocurrency?

In very basic terms, cryptocurrency can be thought of as virtual money. When we speak of what most like to call "crypto" for short, we're talking of a digital currency secured by cryptography. This last word gives this means of exchange its name. 

A couple of examples of it are Bitcoin and Ether. You might have heard of these the most, but there are many others. 

Cryptocurrency isn't issued by a bank or central authority. It's simply distributed across a network of computers, so it's immune to government control, let's say. You can still transfer it online or through a regular bank, however.

How does cryptography work?

Cryptography is a way to secure transactions and control any new currency units. Basically, a blockchain is used as distributed ledger technology. Still, we won't get to a complicated explanation of how cryptography works at a technical level. This kind of encoding basically ensures the integrity of transactional data. And it makes it extremely difficult for cryptocurrency to be double-spent. 

What is VIP Shiba?

VIP Shiba is an Ecoverse project aimed at branding tokens to build trust between developer and investor. We obviously recognize the fact that there has been hundreds of successful projects that did not involved shady practices, but when 80-90% of the Binance Smart Chain projects are used to manipulate or rig investors out of their money, well that presents a problem. Our use case is to create hundreds of diverse cryptocurrency projects for people to be confident and excited to invest in. Our end game is to renounce ownership of the project and create a 501C3 non profit community center to house our Metaverse and educate the youth on being effective in the Blockchain industry. We will use proven techniques like using rewards for holding, hyper deflation, and limited supply's to attract constant investors and this strategy will be perfect as far as bring attention to VIP Shiba as all of our projects are courtesy of the Master Currency.

What about you? The guy or gal that doesn't have 500 Billion for a crypto credit check 💳We got your back! We are going to be launching VIP Shiba Passes that will give you exclusive rights to a project and can also be sold as NFTs. Love Music?? We do too. Look out for the VIP Shiba Soundtrack which will also serve as a NFT collectable!

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VIP Shiba Details


Whitepaper Below

White Available Below


As seen above the tokenomics of the contract: 0x83e852a03C9dE1D7902110A4DF77Fe14125344D9


As seen above is a timeline of the goals we wish the community to have these events can be reached early or change depending on majority vote from the community

Contact Us

Our Telegram channel is our source of truth and we really hope to see you there. If your not familiar with telegram just click on the paper plane on the top or bottom of the site.


Here are some the projects associated with VIP Shiba

Meta Cyber Floki will be the first of many projects that will use VIP Shiba as a utility token for it's main features. 

The First project courtesy of VIP Shiba is a Cyberpunk NFT builder that also distributes 10% rewards to holders. Introducing Meta Cyber Floki ($MCF) 
$MCF will be used to mint the NFTs but to create the NFTs you must own $VIPSH our master currency for all of our projects. More Details coming soon.


Gangster Elon in the cut is a scary site!

Coming Soon you better beware!!! Gangster Elon says he's done playing games!!! "If you can't play the game get out of the space" he says. 15% doge rewards to all holders!! 5% Marketing Wallet because Elon is gangster and knows how to market! 21 Million Supply because "G.E" wants you to party instead of work!!! Ultility to be revealed soon and we'll also plan to donate to to homeless because the streets is where our heart is at!


Win Big with Lottery Finance. Here's why!

Here at VIP Shiba we had an initial idea. Create a community based lottery system that keeps giving back to it's holders big and small!!! Welcome to lottery Finance where we reward you through holding and participating in our social media channels! We have secret wallets holding our LOTTFI token and every air drop earned will also get a bonus of $VIPSH our master currency for all of our projects!!


Shiba VIP has it's own Bitcoin, and it has more ultility than Bitcoin!

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret if you made it this far. When we talk cleaning the bsc we mean it in so many ways! We honor Bitcoin as the first ever cryptocurrency by creating our own for VIP Shiba, however that's not it! We will create a VIP Shiba version of all stable coins in an attempt to improve on the original idea. Cryptocurrency is based on solving problems, so what better way to approach this than improving on the tokenomics of the coins we create for our ecosystem? Coins like Ethereum, Solana, YFI Finance, Dogecoin and more will be improved only with our VIP Shiba community in mind. Welcome to our first iteration of it's kind!


Shiba Rangers have arrived!

Shiba Rangers will help Shiba Inu reach multiple milestones. Don't miss out!

@vipshiba presents:

In a world where the Shiba Inu competition no longer wants to see the circulatory supply get lower, have no fear!!!! The Shiba Rangers are here to save the day!! Introducing the Fantastic 6 superheroes who will save the day and help Shiba Inu reach its milestones!

Pink Ranger- 5% Shib Rewards
Blue Ranger- 7% Shib Rewards
Yellow Ranger- 8% Shib Rewards
Black Ranger- 10% Shib Rewards
Red Ranger- 15% Shib Rewards
Green Ranger- 25% Shib Rewards

Metaverse experience also planned for VIP Shiba Planet (VSP Metaverse)

5 % Buy Tax

TBD % Sell Tax

1,000,000,000 circulating supply for each Ranger

🤑 Exclusive Contest and Airdrops
✅ Stealth launch Feb 2022
✅ LP Locked
✅Dev Doxxed
✅ Shib Reflections on every transaction
✅ Verified Contract
🥞 Buy on Pancakeswap
📈 Chart: Poocoin, Dextools
🔘 Telegram @shibarangers


Frequently Asked Questions

If we need to add to this we will

I’ve seen other projects that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

Our Tokenomics are some of the best on the market, as we give rewards as well as a buy back to maintain stability. Also we have anti whale tech that will not allow dumps or heavy price impacts. Its a dream come true for new investors that may have missed similar projects!

Wen Binance?

Ok I get it! Once we get to Q3 2022 of the roadmap we can talk binance. How many devs will actually answer that question though haha!

Bottomline Dev why should I invest out of all the projects on the market

We are hyper deflationary meaning as buys and sells happen tokens are being burned at a extremely fast rate. This process will benefit the price of the token and make it much more valuable. If you include the rewards you receive, a multi-million dollar Market cap holding our token will be the reason why you should invest. No project burns like ours!

Anything else I should know before I make my decision?

Keep in mind this project is 100% community based. Our team will get this project to the roadmap milestones sure, but we will get there much faster if you can contribute to the project. How better to protect your investment than take the initiative to promote the project and grow your assets!


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